Privacy Policy

Personal privacy, data security and accessibility.


1.1 Personal privacy

All personal information you provide when using the Website will be used in accordance with our guidelines for the protection of personal privacy. You can read about our guidelines for the protection of personal privacy by clicking on ”Personvern” in the footer text on the Website. The sub-sections below provide a summary of the protection of personal privacy policy for the Website.

Apcoa Parking Norway adheres to Norwegian Privacy Legislation in force at any one time. All personal information gathered via the Website is dealt with in accordance with the legislation in force at any one time. It is Apcoa Parking Norway's wish that you feel secure when you visit the Website. We treat your personal details with the utmost confidentiality, with Apcoa Parking Norway as the processor of the information.

You are entitled to request information relating to the processing of your personal details in connection with our services at any time. If you provide us with corrections to your personal details, Apcoa Parking Norway will carry out the necessary revision.
The addresses and contact information to both Apcoa Parking Norway and our customer service are shown in the introduction.

You can visit any of our Websites without providing personal information. If you wish to make use of our services however we will require some personal details:

1.2 Gathering of personal information 
In order to provide our services we require certain personal details. We will request this information when you book parking in advance via our Website, or if you request information about our other services. Personal information gathered by Apcoa Parking Norway in such cases is restricted to your e-mail address, your name, address, telephone number, credit card number and similar. Necessary information will be marked with an asterisk *. This represents the minimum information we require to be able to complete your order and booking in a secure manner. There will also be ”free choice” fields that you complete if you wish in the interests of practicality and that will enable us to present the optimum solution for your requirements. Sensitive information is always encrypted (for example all information concerning payments) and in compliance with the regulations stipulated by the credit card companies that own the various card brands that can be used on the Website.

1.3 Gathering of other information 
Apcoa Parking Norway also gathers other information on your hardware and software (through the use of cookies). Such information may include: your IP address, Web browser, operative system, domain name, access time and referring area addresses. This information is used in the operation of the services, maintain the quality of the services and provide general statistics relating to the use of the websites. Such information is not linked to your personal information. Read more about cookies in sub-section 9.5.

1.4 The use of personal information 
We use your personal information to supply the products, services and information you request, or as necessary in connection with the purchase of our products and services. Your personal information is also used to inform you of special offers, provide you with updated information and to inform you of new services, but only if you have agreed to this in advance.
Apcoa Parking Norway only supplies information to others – with the exception of that which results from the above – when this is in accordance with the Personal Data Act or the legislation governing the protection of personal privacy in force at any one time, or when this is necessary to protect and defend the best interests of Apcoa Parking Norway as a company, its rights, employees, customers and the general public.

Your personal information is dealt with by Apcoa Parking Norway, with Apcoa Parking Norway as data processor. Apcoa Parking Norway will nonetheless use the services of a data processor abroad for data storage, as mentioned in the introduction.

1.5 Security and personal information 
Our Website is protected with SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer). This means that all personal data is encrypted so that no one can misuse or abuse the information.

1.6 Communication with the customer

When you make a booking you inform us whether you wish us to communicate with you over and above such communication that is necessary in order to fulfil the agreement. You do this by entering an X or ticking the box stating that you wish to receive other information, for example marketing information via e-mail. If at a later date you wish to stop receiving such information, you simply remove the X or tick the next time you visit the Website.

We will occasionally ask you for your opinion about our services, the Website or similar. Our use of your comments and personal information provided by you will be dealt with in accordance with these Terms and the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Declaration. If you are under the age of 16 you must have the permission of your parents or guardian.

Any contribution you make must not include any text or images that is / are unlawful, offensive, threatening, defamatory or discriminating, nor shall it encroach on the rights of others.

1.7 Declaration of accessibility

You can read our guidelines on personal data protection in more detail by clicking on the link ”Tilgjengelighetserklæring” in the footer text of the Website. The following is a summary of the guidelines

Apcoa Parking Norway has an obligation to provide a website that is available to the largest possible public, regardless of technology or ability. We work actively to increase accessibility to and the user-friendliness of our Website. This entails that we adhere to all the relevant standards, protocols and guidelines for e-commerce.